Dangerous Goods

When it comes to dangerous goods, you’re in safe hands with Keytrans.

Keytrans is a trusted provider of dangerous goods transport for numerous clients in mining, manufacturing and other industries.

We have a flawless track record in the transportation of dangerous goods such as explosives, dangerous liquids, chemicals and other products and have the necessary fleet capabilities, safety systems and expertise to meet the stringent handling requirements of the most specialised materials. 

Along with satellite-tracked and secure transportation of dangerous materials, Keytrans also provides warehousing in approved dangerous goods transit storage locations.

In all Keytrans operations, but nowhere more so than in the transport of dangerous goods, safety is of key importance in every action we undertake for our clients. Safety is a KEY ingredient to DG transport.

We strictly adhere to all dangerous goods load-handling and procedural safety requirements. We undertake continuous training and assessments of our drivers as well as meticulously monitoring and maintaining our fleet to ensure our policy of `No Incidents, No Accidents’  is adhered to on every job for every client.

Our drivers and fleet are licensed to carry dangerous goods, both packaged and in bulk, and our staff are rigorously trained to ensure loads are correctly restrained, placarded and segregated in accordance with the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

Keytrans’ accreditations include:
  • TruckSafe
  • NHVAS accreditation number TS/000126
  • NSW and WA fatigue management accreditation
  • VIC Work Safe and NSW Work Cover for explosives
  • NSW EPA for dangerous goods

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